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We will meet  at the El Che - Turismo Alternativo ticket office, in the commercial port of the city of Ushuaia.  In the company of the guide we will board the "Che Totín", our boat.

We will sail to the lighthouse "Les Eclaireurs", the islands of the sea lions and nesting areas of different seabirds, allowing the boat, due to its size, to get closer and have a better experience.


We will continue our navigation in the waters of the Beagle Channel and we will set course for the Bridges Archipelago. In one of its islands we will disembark to carry out a mini trekking of about 40 minutes. Accompanied by the guide we will make a brief interpretation of the flora and we will visit archaeological sites of the Yámanas (yaghan), native canoeists of the area.


Once the walk is finished, we will embark again and begin the return to the port of Ushuaia enjoying  a coffee, tea or local beer and a snack to accompany it!

The navigation lasts approximately 4 hours.

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